Ultra-Precision Micro-Optics

Ultra-Precision Micro-Optics by Samsara Vision

Samsara Vision’s expertise in ultra-precision micro-optics and machining allows us to make miniaturized telescopes that can be placed safely in the eye by an ophthalmic surgeon. Based on the principles of the seventeenth century Italian physicist Galileo Galilei, our implantable telescopes employ first-of-kind bi-convex and bi-concave convergent and divergent micro-lenses, coupled with air lenses, to create a magnified image onto healthy retinal tissue surrounding the degenerated macula.

The magnification helps these more peripheral parts of the retina ‘see’ the image viewed in straight-ahead vision. Clinical research trials have demonstrated that patients with Late-Stage AMD enjoy clinically significant improvements in visual acuity and visual function with Samsara Vision’s micro-sized, 3.6mm diameter telescope. Our research will continue to push the technology envelope on high-performance micro-optical design and manufacturing to help even more people with severe vision disorders.

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