CentraSight® Announces Partnership with BrightFocus® Foundation to Further AMD Research and Patient Education

CentraSight® by Samsara Vision Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc., today announced a  partnership with leading non-profit, BrightFocus® Foundation to further patient research and education for advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) through a direct-to-patient outreach and survey program. Through this initiative, launched in January and running through June 2016, for every patient who participates in a brief survey to determine their eligibility for a new surgical treatment option, CentraSight will make a $25 donation to support the foundation’s Macular Degeneration Research program. CentraSight is a treatment program using a tiny telescope that is implanted inside the eye to improve vision and quality of life for patients with the most advanced form of macular degeneration: End-stage AMD.

AMD is a progressive disease, which can lead to severe central vision “blind spots” in both eyes in the most advanced form, End-stage AMD. People living with End-stage age-related macular degeneration find it difficult or impossible to recognize faces, read, watch TV or complete tasks requiring detailed vision. The condition is also associated with increased stress and depression as vision diminishes.iRecent projections estimate that in the United States the number of individuals with age-related macular degeneration will reach 22 million by 2050.ii That estimate mirrors recent survey findings, which found that 43% of Americans age 65 years or older (equivalent to nearly 20 million Americans) have or know someone with AMD.

“We chose to partner with BrightFocus Foundation because of their unparalleled research programs that help further AMD prevention, treatment options and diagnosis,“ said Wolfgang Tolle, President and CEO, Samsara Vision Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc. “This partnership underscores our commitment to ensuring that patients living and coping with this progressive disease know their treatment options.”

“Our mission is to drive innovative research worldwide and to promote greater awareness of diseases such as macular degeneration,” said Stacy Pagos Haller, BrightFocus President and CEO. “We welcome the opportunity to work with Samsara Vision Ophthalmic Technologies to better educate people about End-Stage AMD. This type of direct-to-patient outreach is an example of our shared commitment to improving the lives of those with macular degeneration.”

About CentraSight and the Telescope Implant
The Implantable Miniature Telescope (by Dr. Isaac Lipshitz) is indicated for monocular implantation to improve vision in patients greater than or equal to 65 years of age with stable severe to profound vision impairment (best-corrected distance visual acuity 20/160 to 20/800) caused by bilateral central scotomas (blind areas) associated with End-stage AMD. This level of visual impairment constitutes statutory (legal) blindness. Smaller than a pea, the telescope is implanted in one eye in an outpatient surgical procedure. In the implanted eye, the device renders enlarged central vision images over a wide area of the retina to improve central vision, while the non-operated eye provides peripheral vision for mobility and orientation. The telescope implant is part of the CentraSight treatment program to help patients follow the necessary steps for proper diagnosis, surgical evaluation, and postoperative care.

The telescope implant is not a cure for End-stage AMD. As with any medical intervention, potential risks and complications exist with the telescope implant. Possible side effects include decreased vision or vision impairing corneal swelling. The risks and benefits associated with the telescope implant are discussed at www.CentraSight.com.

Patients and physicians can learn more about the telescope implant by visiting www.CentraSight.com or calling 1-877-99-SIGHT.

In addition, persons caring for a loved one with AMD can visit AMDAffectsMe.com, sponsored by CentraSight®, a new online resource that offers comprehensive information explaining how AMD is diagnosed and treated as well as stories from caregivers assisting their loved ones living with End-stage AMD.

About BrightFocus Foundation
BrightFocus Foundation drives innovative research worldwide and promotes awareness of Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.  For more information, visit www.BrightFocus.org or call 1-800-437-2423.

iBennion, AE, Shaw, RL, Gibson, JM “What do we know about the experience of age related macular degeneration? A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative research?” Social Science & Medicine. 75 (2012) 976-985.
iiAge-Related Macular Degeneration Facts & Figures, BrightFocus Foundation. http://www.brightfocus.org/macular/article/age-related-macular-facts-figures Accessed on 4/1/2016

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